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is george. >> little change in the order of things, we are looking at developing hot spot on the nimitz freeway. this is 880 and the northbound direction. of st. we had word of an accident are originally reported as a minor incident but is still rock blocked the right-hand lane. it is blocking of the traffic from embarcadero fifth as you head north. it has the potential to back up as ride on 880 in the northbound direction. we will be tracking this. that is the only incidence of bar that is have the potential return to a hot spot. otherwise, conditions not too bad. the bay bridge toll plaza meeting lights are now active, right on time. a backup started to form of the 880 approach is still a delay free. the salmon sale bridge is without the lake, 11 minutes and westbound direction. the golden gate bridge ride is an easy trip for a 1 01 southbound as you head in from marin county. public transit is still not tracking any delays except a sprained number-one. six minutes behind schedule out of the back of the station. >> if you behave badly you can't get banned from art. bart will be holdin
good to go no wait across the upper deck and no roadwork. traveling the nimitz, there is overnight roadwork, closing the left lanes on southbound 880 between 23rd and high street. more roadwork on southbound 880 between davis and marina as you make your way into san leandro. should wrap up between 5 and 6 this morning. more overnight roadwork out of livermore. eastbound lanes of 580 approaching north greenville road, various lanes blocked. they are saying until 11:00 this morning. in the meantime in the commute direction it's still free and clear out of tracy towards the dublin interchange. here's another live look at the golden gate bridge. they haven't started the lane changes yet. a few headlights coming into san francisco. so far no delay all the way through marin county. and a quick check on bart which just started operating this morning. all trains are on time. back to you. >> thank you. >>> anyone who droves here in the bay area knows that gas prices are high now but there may soon be some relief. kpix 5 reporter cate caugiran in emeryvil
arthur maze. the real problem this morning is the nasty nimitz, a sig-alert northbound 880 at oak and oakland an accident at 238, southbound, 880 and another accident southbound in fremont and an update on all of that and more when we come ba >> this is abc7 news. >> good morning, february 26, it is a tuesday morning at 6:30 and we are looking at a gorgeous sunrise over the bay area, boy the colors are lovely with the clear skies. thanks for joining us. i am kristen sze. mike nicco is here talking about a great day. >> really nice day to be outside. spring is in the air. live doppler 7 hd shows the high pressure and the dry air, the lack of radar returns will be a problem as we are into the forecast. we are cloud free this morning around the bay. 45 degrees. we will hang around 60 at noon. and the sunshine and warmer weather and mid-60's in the afternoon, and a few clouds in the evening and 54 degrees. headed into the valleys, whether it is east bay or north bay, 37 degrees and scattered frost possible, but, very, very the scared and 60's and mild during lunch at 65 with sunshine in the after
the span, 60 minutes from the macarthur maze, 14 if you're coming from the nimitz. the san mateo bridge is an easy ride with the right side of your screen it westbound in the commute direction. the golden gate bridge ride is an easy one coming from marin county to the southbound commute. my train accident that is bent on the nimitz freeway is 880 northbound around oak street. it was precipitated by debris and elaine, glass on 880 northbound. there were reports of lanes blocked with sensors are not indicating a back up. it could possibly be a hot spot later on this morning. right now the only delays for rail service around the bay is on a strain, delayed because of freight traffic. they share the same tracks with freight service and that is why they are sometimes delayed. >> 6 6:08 p.m. and the search continues for a young oakland couple who disappeared about a month ago. jamie neal and gear it garrett hand were last heard from january 2010. they were in peru for a viking adventure. we're now hearing hearing from deals sister, stacy fingers she is concerned that her sister may not be saf
. drive times 18-20 minutes coming from the maize in the east shore and the nimitz freeway which is backed up over the toll plaza. >> the san mateo bridge ride has slowed. 30-50 minutes drive tide in the west bound direction. >> the golden gate bridge still steady. the volume is up we are problem free across the span southbound. >> more on the weather here is erica. >> good morning george. i want to borrow the shot of the golden gate bridge and focus on the clouds. it is a great start to the morning. we did see some instance of rain in each of our traffic jams. you will need your windshield wipers. rain picking up in the north bay. we are seeing it for your entire ride out of santa rosa down toward petaluma heading into navaato leading the highway 37 interchange. >> san rafeal looks dry carly over the ridge in san rafael bridge. >>--san raphael looks dry over the golden gate bridge in san raphael. >> we saw spotty showers in the menlo park area. you can see spotty showers ahead expecting to slide into the bay area. it will be a wet day. by a a.m. the cold front pushes through. it will arri
you a quick heads up. north bound 800 the nimitz freeway in san leandro at marina boulevard a vehicle fire blocking the right lane. the damage has been done. read on the screen stretching down into hayward almost backing up to the san mateo bridge. >> the speeds are below 25 mi. an hour. they are closer to 10 mi. an hour. slow and go conditions allow yourself extra time. you are smooth sailing past the scene of the accident approaching downtown oakland. >> on the other side of the bay another developing not spots out about 101, and mountain view we have a multicar crash blocking of the lines there. red and yellow on your screen backing up your commute to the dumbarton bridge. again this is a very slow and go right. i do not think you should alternate grounded yet just under five minutes still. you may want to consider interstate 280 as an alternate route. the bridges are doing fine. we are backed up a typical back up at the approach to the bay bridge toll plaza. better conditions for the nimitz freeway approach. san the tail bridge problem free the drive another 15 minutes from end to
. that's drive time is still in the clear. now, if you are traveling up the nimitz freeway northbound 880 and southbound 880 they have various lanes blocked from the oakland coliseum all the way towards the macarthur maze and the downtown oakland exit so heads up. scheduled to wrap up depending on the direction between 5:00 and 6:00 this morning. that's according to caltrans but, of course, it's not causing much of a problem spot in either direction yet. elsewhere westbound 580 i mentioned still looking good the nimitz and down the eastshore freeway 19 minutes on westbound 80 from the carquinez bridge to the maze. and getting a quick check of mass transit, so far there's no problems reported bart systemwide on time, muni, caltrain and ace also on schedule. that's a check of your time- saver traffic. back to you. >> thank you. >>> an officer's punch led police to name christopher dorner as a suspect in a double murder. dorner killed himself during a manhunt last week. teresa evans had trained him and worked as his partner in the l.a. police departm
here in oakland northbound. this is a big problem for the nimitz freeway northbound and traffic is building. now let's talk about the hit- and-run in san jose, somebody died as a result of being hit by a car and the car sped away and police are not releasing any details except that it was a dark car they are looking for and we will bring you the latest as soon as they are set up and ready to go. >>> we have developing news from oakland, the fbi is busy helping police in a major homicide investigation. they are questioning for than a dozen suspects with a standoff that ended hours ago. it started yesterday afternoon. s.w.a.t. teams surrounded a house on 88th avenue. several streets were shut down and police moved in. one neighbor tells us her son is among those being questioned in connection with a reason homicide. >> i am angry and mad as hell. it is not cool the way they do this. >> reporter: tara moriarty has -- >> tara moriarty has been out there since 4:30 a.m. and she will have more on the standoff and investigation coming up in the next half hour. >>> a search is underway
boulevard we have a motorcycle accident that blocked the three left- hand lane. that backed up the nimitz southbound but it also backed up traffic getting to the nimitz from to 38. eastbound 580 traffic is backed up because of a lot of traffic comes here and san leandro and. although all lanes are recovering but it is still slower than usual and both the southbound of 880 and the westbound direction of 580 leading to highway 238. the bay bridge toll plaza there are some incidents out by the metering lights. the lights were slow down and that is live at 880 approached is backed up. drive times a closer to 20 minutes and they are to 14. the san mateo bridge, things are heavy right now, 13 to 15 minutes drive times. the golden gate bridge, still smoke conditions here, we are still as it free on 1 01 southbound through marin county. >> one thing everyone will know this is this guy is not as bright as morning. we have some high clouds passing through, temperatures so colder than 24 hours ago. it will be sunny, up more met with high clouds and temperatures mainly in the upper 60s. i later on to
on the nimitz freeway interstate 8684 this an old grade. south bay peninsula and north bay freeways still look pretty good. >> 631 a m in following the latest out of santa cruz were 2 officers were shot and killed tuesday before the suspect was killed as well. will tran is live in santa cruz with the latest on a growing memorial. >> it occurred just moments ago because i saw a woman stop by here and drop off some flowers and a letter. new this morning the santa cruz police department officers were off agreed yesterday but today we back to work. they will be met by grief counselors. this is uncharted territory for them, they have never had a police fatality and a line of duty ever in their history. then all the sudden, to end one day. they were in shock on tuesday and that is why the police department steps up to help their colleagues cope. they're still on standby 8 just in case all 84 police of the serbs do not return. most of them should return. the pending plans as far as federal services at a citywide memorial for these two officers are still pending. they want to make sure that the famili
slow traffic on the nimitz freeway. the ride on 92 in the san mateo bridge has a 11 minute drive time. we are delay free as well as for the golden gate bridge, 101, in the south bound direction. it is light traffic coming in from marin county. heavier in the north bound direction. there was an accident on the nimitz. not a big one. the chp closed the lane for a while on a to clear it. slow traffic leading up to 980 however, it is still much lighter than on a normal commute day. >> good morning gary. good morning to youdarya . it did not work for st. mary's i am sorry. >> sometimes you have to say the other team is better. no bad breaks. i know you were watching when they cut it to four points late in the game. the kid with a long hair is good. >> it ruined my valentine's day. >> you about that. you deal with adversity this morning. >> what do you think about the cruise ship people? >> can you imagine that? >> it was only four days. it did not sound pretty. >> you went there to relax. >> what a vacation! >> i would imagine the carnival cruise ships how long does that take about back fr
of company on the roads so far this morning. drive times for the east bay westbound 580 the nimitz and the eastshore freeway, still all in the green so far at 5:15 a.m. that's a check of your "timesaver traffic." for the latest on your forecast, lawrence, are we seeing any rain? >> no rain! i wish, elizabeth. boy, i had so much fun the other day but it's back to dry weather now. looks like it's going to stay that way for the foreseeable future at least for the next 7 days. outside now, cool and breezy in spots especially at the coastline. temperatures in the 30s and the 40s this afternoon we'll find a lot of sunshine just a couple of passing clouds. those winds will kick up at the beaches temperatures in the mid- 40s. 50s and low 60s inland. how about the next couple of days? we have high pressure off the coastline a battle between the ridge trying to build in. you have low pressure to the east here and well that's going to cause those breezy conditions outside and that ridge is going to stay around not only for today but for the next few day
nicely with no major problems into san francisco. and this is a look at the nimitz freeway. hayward. northbound 880 it looks like there could if announce stent there. the traffic continues to move along despite anything going on. the traffic is so light even an accident on the shoulder really won't effect much. it's 4:55 let's go to steve. >>> thank you. a very good monday morning. offshore breeze. everything is taking north wind. it lookalikes this pattern is in place for awhile. expect for patchy fog forming later in the week. some of that breeze holding a photechys up. but a lot of 30s or 40s in san francisco the forest 48. a lot of is here. et awe transudates into sunshine. a cold morning. upper 50s and low 60s. everyone is folk o be pretty close here. a lot of 60s. weekend a little cooler but still okay. >>> thank you, steve. oakland a's pitchers and catchers report to spring training in arizona today. they will have their first work out tomorrow. the full squad reports to spring training on saturday. the defending american league west champs are hoping to build on last years s
is likely to hit 70. that's coming up. ,,,,,,,,,, scene on the nimitz. cedes >>> a fiery mess caused quite a scene today. take a look at this. a mercedes-benz caught fire at 3:00 p.m. near west 8th street in heyward. it took firefighters an hour to put that fire out. >>> a surprise for police officers raiding a suspected drug house. they did find a stash of drugs and cash, but as kpix5 reporter shows us, they also found an alligator. police stopped fairfield residents in modesto for a traffic violation. police then say they discovered $250,000 worth of processed marijuana and a handgun. a search of their home in the 400 block turned up, according to police, more evidence of marijuana, seven guns including one used by military snipers, nearly $30,000 in cash and a three foot long baby alligator. by law, you need a permit to have a pet alligator. >> to our knowledge, they didn't have a permit. we called out human services to take possession of the animal. it was later turned over to the oakland zoo. that's where it is today. >> do you get the sense this was for protection or a pet? >> it'
francisco and here a live look at the nimitz. everything is pretty quiet between downtown and hayward. they've been doing a widening project and we'll check in with caltrans. here's the bay bridge toll plaza, no metering lights so at 4:46 you're cruising right along. we are watching this one overnight fatal accident. we have a crew on scene at blossom hill road. it's closed approaching highway 101. the main lines of the freeway are not impacted. the rest of the south bay, throughout san jose looks pretty quiet. southbound 101, a nice drive across the golden gate bridge, heading toward doyle drive. b.a.r.t., ace, muni, if you're using mass transit to travel anywhere around the bay area, that is a check of traffic, back to you guys. >>> the weekend crowds at the vatican were larger than usual as pope benedict the 16th made one of his last public appearance before he retired. >> the pope announced last week that he'll retire at the end of the month. a hundred thousand people jammed st. peter's square yesterday. >> we knew sunday would be an opportun
flow for the nimitz. we'll take that northbound with those taillights north past high street there's a construction zone both directions basically between high street and the embarcadero exit downtown. both directions lose a couple lanes and a little slowing in the area but slow for the cone zone. no other incidents through that stretch. a smooth drive through the area through hayward, south 880. we see slowing with speeds dipping down toward 60 which is unusual. nothing going on there. we'll track that because the castro valley y and 238 can be trouble spots as well as if anything happens early on the commute. tri-valley commute, dublin interchange smooth flow west 580. on the peninsula, you're at the limit as well. palo alto, 101, past the shopping center, that's where all of the activity is. lights at the shopping center and a few of them -- nice precision driving lined across 101 northbound with those headlights. back to you. >>> coming up on "today in the bay," a bolt on the tracks may be the cause of a cable car crash this morning but investigators still have one very importa
'll let you know where and when you might need that umbrella. >> if you are taking the nimitz freeway this morning, stand by for my report. we have an issue that might affect you getting on that freeway. >>> a live look at city college in san francisco where students are camped out this morning trying to get the chancellor's attention. they want to talk to him to avoid closure. they've got accreditation problems going on there. a story we're covering and many others on this friday, february 22nd. this is "today in the bay." >>> good friday morning to you. thank you for joining us. 5:00. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm jon kelley. good morning, everybody. we're following breaking news out of south africa and we're just moments away now from a decision in the oscar pistorius bail hearing. the paralympian is facing charges for the death of his girlfriend. >> the hearing reconvened 20 minutes ago. i've been listening live to the magistrate as he considers the bail of oscar pistorius. going over all of the details laid out in pistorius's affidavit explaining what he says happened in the ea
at fremont. i'm checking this roadway. reports of a disabled vehicle on the nimitz. we'll check out what we find coming up. >>> and as the frenzy in the niners quest for six builds, we took a look at one of the greatest players of all time. >> montana throwing under ple i pressure. clark has it. it's a touchdown for the 49ers! >>> you're looking live right now at pictures from turkey where a suicide bomber has reportedly blown themselves up outside the u.s. embassy. right now two people confirmed dead. several others are hurt. this bomb is said to have gone off on a side street right next to the embassy. we'll continue covering this and monitoring this all day long and give you new information as we get it into the newsroom. >>> the bay area of course has spent a lot of time spotlighting 49ers in the buildup to the super bowl on sunday but new orleans the city itself also taking center stage here. for many this is the first real good look at the city since hurricane katrina. after all, the super bowl is set to be played in the superdome. the same place surrounded by floodwaters just over se
's the southbound easy drive along nimitz and road crews through oakland. south bay with headlights into san jose not a problem as far as speeds go. 880 in the middle of your screen shows slowing and down to 60. no construction and no delays really expected through that portion. north 280 to south 85, that is your construction going on at that connector. the rest of the connector off 280 and 85 are open this morning. watch for those crews to be there for another 20 minutes. should be clearing soon on a friday. tend to do that earlier. palo alto, let's get a view of the peninsula here. well lit up is that parking lot by home depot. you see ikea. not a lot of cars to show you as far as flow goes northbound past university. southbound even lighter heading back into the south bay. let's check 101 for north bay. southbound direction through the curve at tara linda. no delays reported in through san rafael. back to you. >> thanks so much. 4:55. new movies hitting theaters today including bruce willis back in action as officer john mcclain. >> new york. >> are you a cop? >> it's been 25 years since will
drive to the bay bridge toll plaza and beyond into san francisco. and the morning drive on the nimitz freeway looks good from hayward to fremont. not a bad drive at all. you see 13 minutes later on in the morning i think it will be a lot more than that. this might be your opportunity to get on that road. let's go to steve. >>> thank you, sal. our system is rotating out. in fact, it looks like most of the snow so far is ending up in the sierra, nevada. although there will be scattered showers. there is another piece of energy coming down right there. the bulk of the energy has moved toward monterey and peninsula. it's heading south pretty fast. san francisco third of an inch. they were the leader of the pack. sfo quarter of an inch. . san jose .08. there is the system coming down on the backside of that coming right on down. parts of maybe lake county into northern napa county and maybe the 680 corner. fremont over to livermore. maybe sunol grade as well. stretching from peninsula back over to san jose. look at where the bulk is going from santa cruz down to pebble beach. our low will
of minutes. that will make the nimitz nasty this morning. ace train running late 11 minutes out of fremont and other mass transit on time. >> we are continuing to follow developing news from santa cruz. the beachside town in mourning after the shooting deaths of two police officers. we have live coverage with katie marzullo in the newsroom with what we are lending of the fallen officers but we begin with cornell bernard, live in santa cruz. >> it is a dark day here in santa cruz as this small beach community deals with the loss of two officers killed in the line of duty. it happened here at a home in midtown santa cruz, the crime scene has just cleared. we do have new video to show you, the garage of the home covered with bullet holes. clear evidence of a dramatic shootout. also, two cars were removed from the property a short time ago, a lexus s.u.v. with bullet holes and a white toyota, possibly involved in the incident. detective sergeant baker and his colleague, detect ever elizabeth but her lost their lives. the officers responded to the home on north branciforte and were met with gun
by is backing up onto interstate 580. it has created a traffic jam there. you are looking at on the nimitz freeway the usual northbound slowing. >> it looked as though it was improving not fast enough. this is still a hot spot. the san mateo bridge where westbound 92 remains the back up from before the toll plaza, all the way out to foster city. it was an eastbound car fire that kicked off the delays. that occurred nearly two hours ago. your ride this average is go bay bridge for a time it was a good alternate route and still would be if you are coming from the nimitz freeway where your drive times are only 11 minutes if you are coming out the maize it will be a 16-80 minute drive. >> if if you're heading to the golden gate bridge we are right at the peak of traffic 4101 south bound. sluggish traffic not just from the south tower but from about mid disband down to in just a little past the toll plaza. >> over to the weather center we will find out more about the rain here is erica. >> good morning george we're talking to our viewers on facebook they say it is certainly coming down in spots
they deserve. >> welcome back to the kron 4 morning news were checking hot spots the nimitz freeway broken things are clear. heading out into free mount big delays coming from haywood with a 43 minute drive time. it should be about 25 minutes down to milpitas and highway 237 a motorcycle accident at stevenson. >> on 680 in the south bound direction to the heart of the san ramon valley and accident on those zero is jamming up the ride which should be a 16 minute commute time is now clocked at 22 minutes or southbound interstate 680 i will have a complete check coming up. >> stories we're following now. authorities say missile strikes by syria's military have killed more than one of 4 authorities say rocket has been fired from gaza strip into israel. police said there was a damage to roads and no injuries. the palace in territory to lead and israel since israeli-got a fighting last november firstr. >> there have been protests brought the west bank in recent days in support of palestine held in is really jails here it is weakened, one palestinian prisoner died in a disputed circumstances, pro
plaza was down. through the east bay we picked up some slower traffic for the nimitz freeway and interstate 80. it is moderate to heavy. moderate to heavy conditions for the south bay and peninsula is still delay free. >> police and his bird are investigating a hit-and-run crash on nearly one road. mike pelton is there were on the scene with the latest. >> it happened in this crosswalk which is on crossed through road just south of leland drive. when the sun goes down it is nice and bright now but when the sun goes down it is pitch black out here. there are no street lights surrounding this crosswalk. you can see cars and it is a busy roadway. around 6:00 last night a vehicle hit a woman and three children. you did see one of the children on a stretcher as well as a couple bikes in a stroller in the road. children are very young. the vehicle that all four of them but only three needed to go to the hospital. one child was airlifted to oakland's children's hospital. i spoke with a neighbor and he said this crosswalk is anything but safe. >> it's pretty dangerous. people go too
peninsula and the bay. slowing on high way 4 and interstate 580. we have picked up delays on the nimitz and the east shore freeway. >> a story of loss vegas. live pictures coming in the strip shutdown. we are saying the shutdown from this crash. three people are dead and at least three are wounded after rolling gun battle at multi vehicle crashed a busy intersection of a loss vegas strip. five vehicles were involved in the crash, including a tax that burst into flames and killed two people run for 30 8:00 a.m.. today at flamingo and glaces boulevards. >>--las vegas. >> people in a maserati and an s u b were enh exchanging gunfire before the maserati attacks. the maserati driver, the taxi driver and a taxi passenger were killed. three other vehicles were involved in the red, but the s u v was gone when people arrive. at the street before hospitalize, including a passenger from the maserati. >> this is a fiery end to this war will accident involving a maserati and an unnamed vehicle that was shooting at a maserati. >> the passenger of the model what it was shot and killed before the car p
in my next report. >> we do have a hot spot southbound 880 the nimitz freeway approaching west eighth street. no backups on the traffic maps. according to chp there are some delays to the area. the sig alert went into effect at 1:00 a.m. this morning. >> the approach to the bay bridge toll plaza is an easy ride out of oakland from all the approaches. >> the san mateo bridge westbound traffic across highway 92 is a good drive. 12-13 minutes drive time. >> the golden gate bridge, south bound 1 01 is delay free for those of you driving at of the north bay. >> james. >> our top story this morning. shootings in vallejo last night killed one man injured at least four others. >> police said they found to meant seriously wounded in the grotto of the house on humboldt's and east was last ni >> one of the man died at the hospital. three >> shortly after the shooting three other people walked into sutter solano medical center with gunshot wounds. >> police to try to figure out if the shootings are related. >> meanwhile, a 31 year-old antioch woman is recovering this morning after being struck by
and there is a little bit of fog lingering and also on the nimitz between 235 it's clearer. >>> some of that fog is really tough but for most today, sunny and warmer especially away from the coast. >>> coming up on mornings on 2, a murder and a game of dice, what we now know about the victim. stay with us. >> reporter: we're live in san leandro where an elementary school is closed due to a homicide investigation. we'll tell you how friends say a teenager was shot and killed. >>> an olympic bombshell. the world-class athlete now facing murder charges. >>> the misery's almost over for those passengers stranded on a crippled cruise ship. how carney viewses is now doing damage control. >> reporter: we're live at the san francisco flower mart this morning. yes, it's valentine's day, one of the busiest days of the year for the flower industry. we will tell you how much people are expected to spend. ktvu "mornings on 2" starts now. >>> well, good morning. welcome to "mornings on 2." i'm dave clark. >> i'm tori campbell. it's thursday, february 14th. >>> we begin with a homicide in
holding steady no problems getting to are coming down the nimitz freeway. >> south bound 101, a golden gate bridge is tough problem free. no fog to report that coming out of marin county. >> police are investigating a single car crash that killed one person. >> the accident happened around 1130 last night on san clemente street in hayward. >> authorities said they found a vehicle that collide with a fire hydrant and then at treat. >> the driver was pronounced dead at the same. no word on yet drugs or alcohol were a factor in the crash. >> in antioch, investigation is under way after a teenage girl was hit and killed last night. this happened just before 7:00 at the intersection of hillcrest avenue in hidden gland drive. police say 14 year- old girl was crossing the street when she was hit by a driver. she was airlifted to the hospital where she died. >> the driver and several witnesses stayed at the scene while police questioned them. the girl's name is not being released until the family is notified. >> a stolen car was spotted by san francisco police crashed after the driver fled fro
toll plaza. traffic coming from the east shore freeway quiet from the nimitz freeway approach. >> no wait at the pay gates and zero leading lights to deal with. >> for those of you heading to the san mateo bridge in the easy ride. traffic is building on the right-hand side of your screen. >> the golden gate bridge ride a lot of space between cars. the drive 23 minutes from navato into san francisco. >> the time is 4:3. 5 >> 10 month old baby girl was found dead in a field and salinas after family members reported her missing. little angels negron was found under a bush. >> the last time and joe's family saw her was back on february 2nd when her mother's boyfriend pace jesus espinoza picked her up to watch the super bowl at his home. but after two weeks, an him telling them he took part to disneyland, loved ones got worried. they alerted the authorities on saturday and that is in the search of a little angel began. the monterey county sheriff's office however, did not issue an am alert. officials say that is in part because they did not have a description of the suspect car. >>
on the nimitz northbound back up is ride. many people use that as the alternate and we still have not recovered. drive times of 2020 to minute into downtown oakland. whether on the nimitz freeway or the macarthur freeway neither one as a very good option for you now. >> it will take extra time and there really aren't any good alternate route. >> we did have problems in san jose on 101 northbound that has improved. >> checking the weather here is erica. >> good morning george we're starting off with sunshine clear skies cold temperatures. we're still below freezing in some locations. if we are seeing forties' around the heart of the bay. later today temperatures of around 10 degrees warmer than yesterday's afternoon highs. we will remain dry were made sunday. it will be another cold talk about your extended forecast. i walked into your 7 day in my next report ann y. >> crews on scene of a water main break in san francisco's north beach neighborhood it is at the intersection of silver and mason. >> will tran is live from the same. good morning well. >> good morning anny water has
. this is 880 northbound. the traffic is moving along pretty well. the morning commute is fine on. nimitz freeway between hayward and fremont. that trip usually takes 15 minutes it's taking about the normal amount of time. let's go to steve. >>> thank you, sal. a cooler pattern starts today. nice, nice sunday. but already the low clouds being pushed in by a system. it has more cold air. i think .25 to .50 will probably cover this. system is coming right out of the gulf of alaska. there's not much behind it. it may be one of those one and donees again there's a come -- done -- dones again. there's much, much colder air coming in here tomorrow. .25 to .50. some locations .10. 54 in san francisco. santa cruz which was 74 on saturday, 64 on sunday will be 56 today. already a lot of low clouds up and down the coast all the way down to southern california which is really socked in. there's our system. there's not a lot to it. but the cold air means a change in the weather pattern in a big way. starts today, a little cooler and much colder, tuesday into wednesday and a slow recovery. low clouds
so far all on time. and a quick check outside again here's a live look at the nimitz 880 near 66. it looks okay past the oakland coliseum. they are working to clear what sounds like a large boulder. that's what we are getting word from chp northbound 880 approaching fifth. that's traffic. back to you guys. >> thank you. >>> a manhunt continues in southern california for the ex- lapd officer who allegedly killed three people. a citing in northridge was a false alarm. it's been eight days since police say christopher dorner killed two people. the grammys were or high alert. officials announced a $1 million award. it comes after the search winds down around big bear for the former l.a. cop. the lapd is re-opening the circumstances of his firing. >> if he was to give up, we would be glad to listen to what he has to say. >> dorner claims he was fired for reporting a fellow officer for excessive force. the last clue investigators have of dorner as whereabouts was thursday when they found his burned-out pickup truck near the big bear mountain resor
cameras, others you can. obviously you can make out the cars now. traveling up and down the nimitz there may still be some roadwork in lanes on northbound and southbound 880 between davis and high street. elsewhere san mateo bridge traffic is moving okay. but a little farther west closer towards half moon bay we actually have a dense fog advisory issued by chp between 280 and half moon bay. again both directions of highway 92. over to the bay bridge toll plaza now and obviously you can see a lot of thick fog approaching the pay gates. no delay, no metering lights but the chp issued that dense fog advisory this morning. visibility is down to a quarter mile. overnight roadwork through danville northbound 680, those danville exits various lanes blocked until 6 a.m. and mass transit off to a great start to avoid the foggy roadways. bart is running more than 36 trains all on time. >>> american airlines an u.s. airways made it official announcing plans for a merger. the $11 billion deal will create the world's largest airline. the combined carrier wil
, a check of the east bay, the nimitz is moving find past the oakland coliseum and airport. we'll check on the south bay coming up. >>> san jose police are searching for a suspect and a motive after a double shooting that killed one person, kpix5's elissa harrington joins us from the city's east side to explain what investigators know at this point. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, frank, this is the city's 4th 4th homicide of the year. police have made no arrests and have not released any suspect description. they were called out here to the 1000 block of audubon drive around 9:15 last night. they found two victims suffering from gunshot wounds. one was pronounced ted did he see and the -- dead at the scene, and the other taken to the hospital expected to be okay. they are looking into if this could have been gang related. i spoke with a neighbor who said he heard yelling and six gun shots and the sound of a car screeching away from the scene. he said he did not recognize the victims but said they looked young, possibly teenagers and police
where things are moving along quite nicely. no delay in either direction. and checking the nimitz freeway now out in the east bay, here's a live look at 880. this is near the oakland coliseum. taillights are moving northbound towards downtown oakland and right now there are no delays in either direction. where we are seeing delays it's still a problem in benicia. the left lane is blocked southbound 680 approaching industrial way. the accident was involving a number of cars couple of cars, pickup truck, big rig. everything is mostly in the median but again emergency crews are blocking the left lane and now we are seeing delays stacked up beyond lake herman and also westbound 580 our radio partners kcbs their airborne flew over and they have stop and go traffic from tracy 205 to vasco road. the same thing on live sensors. that's a check of tour "timesaver traffic." you know lawrence wears his morning turtleneck when it rains so what are you going to do? they are all going to be sitting in a heap. >> i have had to leave them on a shelf for quite a
tuesday we've had a lot of slowing basically the nimitz earning the nasty nimitz nickname this morning. south 880 slammed down as far as speeds go because of that crash around the stevenson boulevard area. motorcycle is down in the lanes and so is the driver. fire truck was on scene basically a paramedic emergency crews just cleared the area and just closed the incident as far as chp is concerned so now we see slowing that you saw bleed down here toward the area. bleed is a bad choice of words. no major injuries reported and a all lanes are cleared. in just ten minutes, we have traffic a steady stream out of union city clamping down when you get to fremont passing off the dumbarton bridge and down toward stevenson. it's tough. fremont may get you through. just stick it out and you can stay on 880 there. also slow 880 south of 238. earlier crash nothing really came of that. sounds like everything is on the shoulder. hayward into union city also off castro valley y. north 880 at oak. crash cleared. all traffic starting to recover. still very slow around the coliseum. live look shows you
for the nimitz and bay bridge is clear at the toll plaza. we'll send it back to you. >> okay. great. thanks, mike. >>> time is 5:38. scary scene here. a woman wakes up in the middle of the night with guns pointed right at her head. we'll tell you about the terrifying and dangerous prank that's been a joke that police say is becoming more common. >>> when giants spring training gets into full swing, there will be a very familiar face there. details from scottsdale next. >>> welcome back. 5:41 now. washington congress goes home with a lot of work undone including filling two key national security jobs. and there are billions in automatic spending cuts scheduled to take place once lawmakers return. "today in the bay's" tracie potts is live on capitol hill with more on the issues congress is facing. good morning, tracie. >> marla, good morning. let's start with those cuts. congress needs to do something to prevent 85 billion in automatic cuts from happening on march 1st. so far congress has failed to act if they leave a schedule today they'll only have four days to deal with this before cuts go into
to 880 freeway nimitz in the south bay. that's what had construction where jon showed you. that area will see it through the week. we'll give you notes about that. right now north 87 on 280 north that transition is also closed through downtown. you can loop back on from opposite side of 87 just take julianne or park or one of the downtown exits and loop back on 87 toward the area. live look outside shows you fremont no problems into the south bay with headlights or out of fremont into newark with those northbound taillights. back to you guys. >> thanks a lot, mike. >>> time to mark your calendars. this week marks the one-year cou countdown to the start of the 2014 winter games in russia. >> to get us in the olympic spirit, we have bob redell and told him to go hit the ice. he joins us live from the san jose ice center this morning with one of the more unusual sports of the game. good morning, bob. >> reporter: which is a sport that certainly has become more popular in recent years. good morning to you there, jon and laura. we're already talking about 2014 winter olympic games. here w
are not a problem heading to the bay bridge toll plaza for 880. we'll end with this shot and build for the nimitz without incidents. back to you. >> thank you very much. we'll have an update on breaking news we brought you earlier about an amber alert in the bay area. >>> we also have new controversy surrounding around the 49ers this morning and it has to do with the it gets better project. oh! progress-oh! -oh! -oh! oh! oh! ♪ what do you know? oh! ♪ bacon? -oh! -oh! oh! [ female announcer ] with 40 delicious progresso soups at 100 calories or less, there are plenty of reasons people are saying "progress-oh!" share your story for a chance to win a progress-oh! makeover in hollywood. go to to enter. >>> breaking news out of oakland. chp issued an amber alert this morning for a missing baby girl. terry mcsweeney is live at police headquarters with details. what's the latest? >> reporter: this happened about 12:30 this morning. california highway patrol issuing the amber alert meaning they are looking for help from the public in trying to find this man who kidnapped this 1
southbound side is where we look for some of the first slowing typical for nimitz in the morning. no problems including castro valley y. that's an easy drive. folks heading toward san mateo bridge unimpeded. let's get a look and see that traffic westbound a good steady flow. light right now heading over toward the san mateo side and no major issues across this span. heading down toward the bay bridge toward berkeley, west 80 heading down to the area smooth flow under university over crossing. good spacing. 18 minutes from carquinez bridge down to the toll plaza. across the bridge into the city, a smooth flow as well. no problems on the span. golden gate north end we have crews that are clearing from that side. light volume of traffic throughout the north bay and approaching the city. easy flow here. no problems except for off-ramp at 3rd closed off 101. also we have that surface street issue east at bay shore road off 101 heading north of palo alto. that's in redwood city. we have chopper heading over there. deadly crash on surface streets that we'll talk about. back to you. >> thank you very
the nimitz freeway. 92 to san mateo bridge looks good, drive times of 11 minutes westbound. golden gate bridge ride is a smooth one with no problems coming from marin county to 1 01 southbound. this just into kron4 a water rescued near the highs street pier near the aquatic park near the highs st. pierre someone is in the water 200 yds west. coast guard responded to those reports of someone in the water there. this happened about 40 minutes ago. we just that word that they did to rescue someone. they were on the pier yelling a short time ago. that person is then taken to hospital. we of a group headed to the scene and we will tell you exactly what happened. a successful water rescue of few moments ago. >> here and severance as those trees were much quieter than when the giants won the world series. mike pelton is an mission district this morning. >> of the police officers are still patrolling neighborhoods there in the mission district need to ensure everything remains calm. a pretty somber morning, no rights over night. there was no championship celebration but that did not stop a few
. >> stable weather and stable traffic. bay bridge toll plaza 14 to 16 minutes. the nimitz freeway is hardly backed up at all. the commute to the san mateo bridge still and 11 minute easy drive. the golden gate bridge no delays 41 01 southbound. we continue to be hotspot 3, a little delayed for interstate 80 and that westbound direction and drive time 19 minutes from hercules to berkeley. south bay freeways, slowing 1 01 northbound but that is just normal commute pattern. north bay, a little slowing around 37 on 1 01 southbound. drive times are still under 30 minutes from a bottle to the golden gate bridge. >> 652 and we will take a quick break here. the woman accused of running a multimillion-dollar prostitution ring out of your apartment says she is ready to come clean to dr. phil. wilson name names? will find out on doctor for a right after the kron4 news at 10:00. a live look the san jose traffic moving on the 1 01. san jose 48 degrees warming up to the mid fifties later this afternoon. you can't argue with nutrition you can see. great grains. great grains cereal starts whole and stays w
're coming from the nimitz freeway. this is the beginning of the back up right here. a very light and easy ride. san mateo bridge problem free with a 11 minute commute time from the toll plaza to foster city. the golden gate bridge ride an easy one as it comes from marin county. the east shore freeway ride we are in the south bay here. theirs is the issue on the almandine bally out of highway 5, that is the only problem here. 1 01 southbound a little slide past accounting lined up from 37 down to the golden gate bridge, drive time under 25 minutes. slow traffic for the east bay is a highway four through antioch and interstate 583 all to my past. we're not looking at much in the way of slowing for interstate 80, these short freeway. >> false errors of the san francisco-based vary between vallejo and severance is going to be restored by this afternoon. one of the four ferries between the two cities has been out of commission since monday because of a mechanical problem, a backup ferry is in the shipyard for routine maintenance. ferry riders have been either taking the two ferries or buses be
of opportunity before it starts getting busy. if you are driving on him myths -- on nimitz freeway and it is a nice looking drive. and also as we look at the san mateo bridge, it is going well on the way to the peninsular. let's go to steve. >>> not bad, santa rosa and oakland downtown all hit 60 degrees. not today, there is a little more coastal and bay fog around and it is staying to the north. colder lows, patchy fog in parts of the north bay and there will still be a lot of sun but i want to show you last friday the rain has moved into the texas panhandle. severe weather into the backside of that is snow. so this will be a big time weather maker as it moves across the country but our little system has gained a lot of strength as it gains warm air from the gulf and there is a lot of ingredients causing it to strengthen. 46 in san francisco, a lot of 30s around with some patchy fog. there is still a component of an offshore breeze which is not as strong as yesterday but half- moon bay has it turning north. it is a little bit cooler today and it is spilling over the ridge of high
are on the road and it appeared quickly. if you are driving on the nimitz freeway, let's go to the peninsular where it is an 8 minute drive, it is backed up and earlier stall on the bridge has been cleared. >>> some areas of fog, a little bit of a breeze, clear skies for a few, and i have not seen any. it depends, all reporting quarter of a million, that is a sign that fog bank is coming up on the deck and it's very low, at about 1,000 feet and it is burning off, 30s and 40s on the temperatures and it is actually warmer than what we saw yesterday. maybe next wednesday it will get colder but until then things are quiet except for some fog. cooler temperatures by the coast, warmer temperatures inland, upper 70s for some, vallejo, crocket, 70 half-moon bay, 68 pleasanton. but still nice, cooler sunday and we will continue that theme on monday. >>> it is the first of its kind with a blood test and it shows a link with cancer and firefighters. >>> i love those, they can give you an easter way to track the treats down. it is easy. . >>> welcome back, looking live at the big board, dow jones industr
pass and 680 into pleasanton. the nimitz, 880 in oakland, right by the oakland coliseum and 66, they are going to start a widening project in this area by oakland airport. heads up various lanes blocked overnight. but for right now you're good to go. on the maps, this is that accident i was telling you about northbound 880 approaching highway 92. it is not slow at all in the area even though two lanes are block. tow crews should be on scene now. so it's still early. it's not causing a delay am but just heads up if you are about to head off in that area. 65 miles per hour as you make your way towards the san mateo bridge. also at the limit, the san mateo bridge. overnight roadwork richmond/san rafael bridge westbound by the toll plaza should be wrapping up shortly. there was overnight roadwork in lanes, again westbound 92 across the span. live look outside, the golden gate bridge no delay between 580 and the golden gate bridge toll plaza. mass transit, we mentioned earlier 18 bart trains were all running on time. well, muni, caltrain and ac
. take it slow. so far things look good in this area. this is a live look at the nimitz 880 northbound and southbound relatively quiet right now between hayward and downtown oakland. getting a check of some of your bridges, you can really see the slick spots across the san mateo bridge. so this is the flat section. this is right after the toll plaza. west wound 92 the drive time 14 minutes out of hayward towards the peninsula. bay bridge, in our first traffic report we saw overnight roadwork in lanes. looks like they cleared it. they had two lanes blocked approaching the toll plaza. so far, so good towards the pay gates and up the incline, no major delays into san francisco. overnight roadwork may slow you down on eastbound highway 4 approaching loveridge out of pittsburg towards antioch. they have one lane blocked until about 5:30 this morning. more overnight roadwork in danville southbound 680 approaching sycamore valley. a crash in that area just cleared to the right-hand shoulder. coming up, we will get a check of mass transit. in th
rain. we'll talk more about that coming up. >> overnight roadwork including the nimitz. this is 880 near the coliseum. it runs from 23rd all the way down to hayward. we'll talk much more about that plus the rest of your morning drive. it's all coming up. >>> we are getting live pictures now out of florida. a bakery truck is hanging over the edge of a freeway overpass. this is in fort lauderdale. police say two people were inside when it crash. one person was rescued and taken to a hospital. another person is said to be inside and unresponsive. >>> we have developing news from the north bay of a triple murder. investigators are still on the scene this morning and they are searching for the killer. three men were found shot to death in a home on ross station road outside sonoma county town of forrestville. kpix 5 reporter anne makovec is in sonoma county and has the very latest now. anne, good morning. >>> reporter: investigators have been doing more interviews overnight. they are
at the nimitz 880 in oakland. they continue to work on that widening project from oakland all the way down into san leandro. so it sounds like they are in the clearing stages now. technically according to caltrans supposed to be picked up by 5:00 this morning. that's from hegenberger down towards marina on southbound 880. elsewhere to the bay bridge now, no delay approaching the bay bridge toll plaza. you will find various lanes blocked on the incline section of the span once you get past the pay gates but obviously it's still so early not causing much of a delay getting into the city and a quick check near the dublin interchange, westbound and eastbound 580 both at the limit. that's traffic. back to you guys. >> and we thank you, liz. >>> a maritime safety group may adopt some new rules on thursday limiting ships from staying under the bay bridge during foggy conditions. this follows an accident last month when an empty tanker called the overseas reymar struck the base of a tower and now a working group of the harbor safety committee recommends barring
at the nimitz 880 in oakland. you will find some roadwork in stretches this morning along 880. it's between 23rd and jackson. various lanes blocked. you can't see much in our camera there near the oakland coliseum. to our other maps now, you can see all green on our sensors. i'm not picking up one slow spot, not one brake light from the altamont pass towards 680. so far the drive through livermore is quiet. areas of roadwork this morning along the peninsula on southbound 101, you will find various lanes blocked, embarcadero road to shoreline boulevard. 280 though is free and clear like usual this time of the morning. and all the way down towards the south bay guadalupe parkway 101, you will notice our live drive time sensors still picking up top speeds and mass transit we mentioned bart earlier. bart, ace, muni, caltrain and your ferries so far all reporting no delays. that's a check of traffic. back to you guys. >> thank you. >>> 4:46 now. saturday mail delivery appears to be coming to an end very shortly. postmaster general patrick donahue has a news
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